What local attractions would you recommend?

Grand Cayman offers a plethora of attractions to visit. See our staff recommendations below.

  • Seven Mile Beach: West Bay Road | 3-minute drive.
    A stunning stretch of coastline renowned for its crystal-clear waters and powdery white sands, making it a sought-after destination for beach lovers worldwide.
  • Camana Bay: 10 Market Street | 5-min. drive. (345) 640-4000
    Waterfront retail & entertainment district with shops, restaurants, and scenic promenades.
  • North Sound Golf: 557 Safehaven Drive | 5-min. drive. (345) 947-4653
    Grand Cayman’s only 18-hole golf course, a challenging course with ocean views and well-maintained greens suitable for all skill levels.
  • The National Gallery: Esterly Tibbetts Hwy | 7-min. drive. (345) 945-8111
    Contemporary Museum highlighting local artwork, traditional crafts, and hosting lectures and special events.
  • Kittiwake Shipwreck & Artificial Reef: 1320 West Bay Road | 8-minute drive.
    A submerged wreck off the coast of Grand Cayman, serving as a thriving marine habitat and popular diving site.
  • Cemetery Reef: Seven Mile Beach| 10-minute drive.
    A popular snorkeling spot known for its vibrant coral formations and diverse marine life.
  • Hell: Hell Road, West Bay | 10-min. drive.
    An area in West Bay known for its black limestone formations, which gave it its infamous name. Bring your passport, as one can get an official stamp once you’ve entered “Hell”.    
  • Georgetown: 10-min. drive.
    The Capital City of the Cayman Islands. Find duty-free shopping and a range of cultural attractions and activities.
  • The Cayman Islands National Museum: 3 Harbour Drive | 10-min. drive. (345) 949-8368
    National Museum dedicated to preserving and showcasing all aspects of Caymanian heritage.
  • The Cayman Turtle Centre: 786 Northwest Point Road | 12-min. drive. (345) 949-3894
    A conservation and education center where you can swim with turtles in a lagoon teeming with colorful marine life.
  • Blue Iguana Conservation: The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park | 40-min. drive. (345) 749-1132
    Tour the Blue Iguana Conservation facility located within the Queen Elizabeth II Royal Botanic Park and discover Grand Cayman’s native blue iguana.
  • Mastic Trail: Southern Trailhead | 40-min. drive
    The Mastic Trail in Grand Cayman is a beautiful nature walk through an ancient forest, letting you discover the island’s natural wonders.
  • Cayman Crystal Caves: 69 North Side Rd, Old Man Bay | 40-min. drive
    Nestled in Grand Cayman’s lush tropical landscape, the Crystal Caves offer a captivating underground adventure, revealing a stunning display of crystal formations and unique geological wonders.
  • Rum Point: 46 Sand Point Rd, Rum Point | 50-min. drive or 10-min. by boat.
    A white sand beach ideal for snorkeling, beach lounging, and various water activities, along with amenities like volleyball courts, a souvenir shop, showers, and an outdoor bar with food service.
  • Stingray City: 60-min. drive. Or 10-min. by boat. (345) 623-5965
    Enjoy picturesque roads of Grand Cayman to reach Rum Point, gateway to Stingray City. Numerous tour operators offer thrilling excursions, allowing close encounters with friendly stingrays, making it famous for unique, interactive marine experiences.
  • Starfish Point: 60-min. drive. Or 10-min. by boat. (345) 623-5965       
    Just beyond famous Rum Point, discover the enchanting Starfish Point, a remarkable sandbar where vibrant orange Cushion Sea Stars reside in the shallows. Remember, please enjoy them from a distance, as touching these fascinating creatures can harm them.
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