Green Initiatives

Doing Our Part to Keep Grand Cayman Beautiful

ONE Canal Point is committed to a green planet and sustainable future! We are proud of the benefits our environmental programs, management practices, training programs, and engineering solutions bring to the environment and the local community.

Some of our green initiatives include:

Environmental Design

ONE is proud to have been built using ICF construction which means our units were made using sustainable materials that help to reduce waste and emissions. The entire property is fitted with VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) air conditioning systems, which saves an estimated 55% power over conventional split systems.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

Our units feature LED lighting throughout, significantly reducing energy consumption.

Green Space

ONE Canal Point features a gorgeous park that is generously planted with a variety of local trees and flora that include Red Birch and Ficus. During construction, over 300 trees were saved and replanted. Our dog park, the first on Grand Cayman, is in a fruit tree orchard and has complimentary biodegradable doggy bags available.

Elimination Of Plastic Bottles

Dispensers have been installed in each bathroom in the resort providing superior quality shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, thereby eliminating the extensive waste generated with non-recyclable plastic bottles.

Sustainable Practices

We recycle everything we can and do our part to limit plastic use. We use environmentally friendly laundry and dry-cleaning processes using biodegradable products with less water. We also use biodegradable cleaners throughout the resorts.

ONE Point Canal’s green initiatives will result in measurable improvements in energy consumption, emissions, water use, waste generation, and recycling.